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The INDIANAPOLIS MOTOR SPEEDWAY was originally paved with a combination of asphalt and crushed stone before the first auto race at the venue in 1909. During that three day race, the surface of the track broke up and a driver, two mechanics and two spectators were killed.

The founders of the track decided to have the track paved with bricks to prevent future disasters. So in just 63 days, the track was paved with 3.2 Million paving bricks. That surface remained until the 1930’s. The track was then paved with asphalt except for the front straightaway. In 1961, the entire track was fully paved with asphalt except for the famous yard of bricks that remains today at the start/finish line.

IMS contracted the Wabash Clay company to provide the paving bricks, but with such a massive order, they had to contract some of their competitors as well. Thirteen different kinds of bricks have been identified, with Wabash Clay providing the most which are marked “W.C. CO., Culver Block, PAT. May 21, 1901.”

50% Polyester, 50% Cotton. Heather Black